These two Texas boys show off their Western heritage in this one of a kind recording.
An extraordinary collection of Texas favorites, Buck Reams and Snuffy Elmore perform their best work in this live session at the Blue Stem Studios in Weatherford. These songs represent 150 years of Texas pioneers singing, dancing, and having a good time at the end of a hard day.
1. Cowhand Swing                      13. Redwing
2. Lind of love                             14. San Antonio Rose
3. Railroad Corral                        15. Faded Love
4. Brownskin Gal                         16. Waltz Around the
5. My Mary                                      Wagon
6. Bandy, the Rodeo Clown          17. South of the Border
7. Goodnight Waltz                     18. Cattle Call
8. Milk Cow Blues                       19. Tell Her Lies and
9. waitin' for a Train                          Feed Her Candy 
10. Jesse Polka                          20. Miles and Miles
11. Nobody knows I'm Hurtin'        21. Bubbles in My Beer
12. Boots and Saddle                  22. Right or Wrong
                                                 23. Corrina, Corrina
Buck Reams was awarded AWA's prestigious Western Swing Male Vocalist of 1999 for his CD.  A perfect blend of forties favorites interpreted by one of Texas' authentic sons.
1. Route 66                                  8. Walkin' in the Shadow
2. They've Taken Bob                        of the Blues
    Back to Tulsa                          9. Cherokee Maiden
3. Smile                                     10. Mona Lisa
4. Learnin' the Blues                    11. Goodnight Loving Trail
5. You Broke My Heart                12. Love
6. Worried Over You                    13. There I've said it Again
7. Paper Moon                            14. I Wanna Turn Out My
After many years on the road playing rodeo's, night clubs, and parties.  Buck Reams put together fhis first collection of songs.  This is an inspired mix of Western Swing and Cowboy songs.  This is a must for any Western music collector.
1. Sooner or Later                  6. Secret Love
2. Blame it on Mexico            7. Tumbleweeds
3. You Belong to Me              8. South of San Antonio
4. Night Riders Lament           9. Whose Heart are you
5. Roly Poly                              Breaking now
                                           10. Dixie